About Khal Tiferes Yosef


Khal Tiferes Yosef was born out of Rabbi Halpern’s desire to create something in memory of his beloved father. The Rav and his family moved to Brighton Center, and established the shul - named after the Rav’s father - in the lower level of their home. Since the opening of the shul in the summer of 2016, it has seen exponential growth. Within just a few weeks of opening, it became clear that an expansion would be necessary in order to accommodate the overflow of attendees. Enthusiasm for the renovation was expressed by zealous community participation in the Brick By Brick campaign, which funded the necessary work. The renovation was successfully completed in the winter of 2017, doubling the size of both the men’s and women’s sections. The presence of Khal Tiferes Yosef in Brighton Center has led to the expansion of the community, bringing a number of new families to this side of town. In addition to the inspiring Shabbos davening, Rabbi Halpern’s weeknight shiurim at the shul and around the Greater Boston area are always in great demand by enthusiastic learners. 

Rabbi Halpern’s Bio

Rabbi Halpern is originally from  Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Yeshiva Torah Temima, continued on to Yeshivas Brisk and Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. In 2004, he moved to Boston and joined the Kollel of Greater Boston. After a few years there, Rabbi Halpern assumed the position of Program and Outreach Director, where he focused on creating dynamic programs for men, women, and children. During his time at the Kollel, he also served as Assistant Rabbi at Beth Pinchas under the Bostoner Rebbe. In 2016, Rabbi Halpern and his family moved to Brighton Center and established Khal Tiferes Yosef, which quickly became a pillar of spiritual activity in the community.

Rabbi Halpern’s wife, Devory, has been an active participant in the development of Khal Tiferes Yosef. She was educated at Gateshead Teachers Seminary and is a teacher at Bais Yaakov of Boston High School for Girls. She is also involved in many communal activities.